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Tire, Wheel, & Rim Repairs & Installation

Leaky or damaged tires, wheels, and rims can be driving hazards and make your vehicle less responsive. Let Hiway One Tire Shop get you back on the road safely and quickly.

Tire Repair

Driving on a leaky tire is hard on the tire and your wheels. Hiway One Tire Shop offers affordable solutions for your damaged tires. If you have a puncture or a wear spot, it is often something that we can repair with a patch. If it turns out that your leak is from a damaged valve stem, that's okay; we can replace it. Tire repairs always include balancing to ensure that when you get back on the road, you have a smooth ride. If you want to know more about our tire repair services or prices give us a call, we are always happy to answer your questions and give you a quote. If it turns out that your tire or tires are beyond repair, we are glad to help you select replacement tires.

Wheel & Rim Repair

Bent and cracked wheels and rims are often from an unavoidable pothole or other road hazards. The damage can adversely affect how your vehicle handles the road and may even create a hazardous driving situation. That's why Hiway One Tire Shop offers straightening and welding services for bent and cracked steel and aluminum wheels and rims. Wheel straightening starts at $40, and welding starts at $75, the cost may increase depending on condition and size of the damage. If we find that your wheel or rim has so much damage that we cannot repair it, we are happy to help you choose a replacement.

Tire Installation

Did you find a great deal on tires online, but can't find anyone to install them? Hiway One Tire Shop is here for you. We have competitive prices for installing tires you purchased elsewhere. Installation and balancing are free when you buy your tires from us.

Tire Being Installed